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By Lucas Lovejoy, December 6, 2021

Our Art Philosophy



     As a first short essay for our works on Philosophy,  it is necessary to lay a groundwork. There are five foundational bricks on which Het von Ulsen is building its cathedral. Each brick will have its own essay. These five are:


    1. Patience in the Process- Matthew 6:25-34

    2. Aesthetic Elegance- Appreciation of beauty, a well refined aesthetic sense


    3. Self Growth- Awareness of one’s own shortcomings, systematically overcoming them


    4. Passionate Expression- A general love of and gusto for life


    5. Calculated risk taking- Optimism and confidence in decision making


    Here, we will endeavor to define the first brick, as Patience in the Process is of first importance. 


Do Not Worry


   Matthew 6:25-34, a portion of Jesus’ only recorded sermon, is titled “Do Not Worry”. To be parsed in greater detail in later essays, anxiety and worry are generally cognitive errors. They are caused by excessive focus on the future, rather than the process at hand.


 “Do Not Worry” explains the correct frame of mind to adopt in regards to the future. To paraphrase, why do we worry about what we will wear and eat, when birds and flowers do not? Humans are able to sow and reap - to build for future success - while birds and flowers have no such ability. Yet, they are clothed beautifully, find sufficient nutrition, and have no concept of anxiety. Why then, do we worry, if they do not?


   The last verse of “Do Not Worry” shows us how to discard worry: seek first the Kingdom of Jesus. The Kingdom of Jesus is Christ’s specific process for our lives. The specific purpose, like Scott Adam’s Talent Stack, brings together our unique gifts, in order to spread the name of the Lord. So, if we use our unique gifts to spread the name of Jesus, we are guaranteed success and do not need to worry about food, clothes, or the day ahead of us.


How to Grow Patience


    Realization of this truth brings a release from anxiety and an increase in patience. Anxiety means we are short on patience. It means we don’t trust that the outcome will be favorable and in good time. We are to have Patience in the Process. A steadfast belief in the outcome of our deeds will grow patience and decrease fear.


   I have seen this truth time and time again in my life, and would love to answer any and all questions about how this works practically, in the day to day.